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sobota 12. října 2013

My first attempt to write English - Enjoy it :-)

Sydney, Australia 13.10.2013
two years ago

This is for my English speaking friends from all over the world. Excuse my mistake.
Ok guys, let’s start. It’s been two months after I left New Zealand. And it’s already two years while I first arrived in New Zealand. Between the arrival and departure, it was one of the best times in my life. Although New Zealand had took 2 years away of my life, but it gave me friends, knowledge, energy and gain me lot’s of experience.
My brother Lukas and I arrived in New Zealand on November 2011. We had a hard time for the first three month, this is because I could not speak in English, and it makes me feel frustrated. It was few days after we staying at Auckland, we move to Blenheim, and we got our first job there in a vineyard. It’s a job which I think that fit me, because I can work without speak any English. Its make me feel more confident while I worked. During the job, we save some money and we bought a big campervan, and since then we start living in a car.
We move to Motueka after that and we work in Appleorchand. We make lots of new friends there and we met Jakub and Luci too. We moved back to North Island before Christmas, and we spend our Christmas in Napier and also worked for a short while with our friend from Czech Republic. This is our first Christmas in summer. We stay at beach for the whole day. Everything was awesome, but I was home sick. I missed my girlfriend Eva and family. We had our first New Year Eve celebration in Wellington, it was a huge party.
Our first car
The first day of 2012, we were on our way to Ashburton, where we had arrange our job for the next few weeks time. We arrived in Ashburton on 3rd January 2012, if not mistaken, it was a Sunday. We sitting in the car for the first few hours and we were thinking what we can do in this small town. We have no idea at all. We start looking for the office where we should visit the next day for work. Since we have no map on our hand, we decide to ask a stranger in a pub. This man was Brian, he is the men who changes our plan in New Zealand, and change our life too.
Brian Walker
He took us home, he helped us to start our career in South Island Seeds, he teach us English, and he gave us without asking back anything. Thank you very much Brian. We start to work in SISD, save the money and travel around the South Island while we are free. We did Kepler track, Mueler Hut track, kayaking on Milford Sound, all these are the best among those trips. We also have a nice 16 days trip in Samoa Island on July 2012. August was a very good month for me, because my girlfriend Eva will fly all the way from Czech Republic to New Zealand. We didn’t see each other for 8 months, and I can’t wait to see her again. I moved out from Brian house and start living in Ashburton with Eva. Eva gets herself a job and we are planning to save more money for our next trip. My mother and best friend from Czech Republic arrived on December. We had spend six weeks together to travel around the whole NZ. We try everything that we can, we travelled from Cape Reinga to Bluff, and we explore the whole NZ. It was a awesome trip and big thank you to everyone during the journey. June was also with us during part of the trip, she is an amazing girl from Malaysia.
It was January 2013 while the trips end. We got back to work. Another 8 months in Ashburton, I feel really good because I met Steve Deveroux who helped me to start playing squash for Celtic Ashburton. Other than just playing squash, I meet lots of nice people from the club and people from other clubs while I playing for the tournament too. The main point is, I start to have the feeling as I seem like someone who was born and origin from New Zealand. Great time flies. We are now in Australia, we have leave New Zealand for almost two months, but I’m sure the great memories will be kept deep down in my heart and I don’t know where I want to live for the rest of my life…

To be continued.....

Edit: Junie Wong

Christmas time 2012

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