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pondělí 20. února 2017

How to be a photographer, how to be whatever you want to be

Canmore, Alberta, 20.02.2017

First you'll need to get to the level where adjusting the settings is instictive. The camera should be a like an extension of  your hand. Being able to forget about it will allow you to focus on what's importatnt; the subject. And tehre is just one way to get this point: make thousands of photo and then analyze the results. AND MAKE MORE PHOTOS. Learn from more experienced photographers, your camera's instruction manual, photo books and exhibitions. AND MAKE MORE PHOTOS. When an image doesn't work, try to figure out why. When it does work try to figure out why. AND MAKE MORE PHOTOS. Stop making excuses for bad results. AND MAKE MORE PHOTOS. Take classes. AND MAKE MORE PHOTOS. Critique your own work and ask for feedback from others. AND MAKE MORE PHOTOS. Stop believing that Photoshop will make you a good photographer. AND MAKE MORE PHOTOS. Work towards developing your own style and vision.

And, YES, make more photos.

This Article  was published in Photolife Journal in January 2016. Probably you can apply this technique to any sphere not just for photography. And probably you will ended up with same results like me. The hardest part is make more photos, more excericise, more practice, more think, more .....ETC.

To be successful you need to do three things each day that directly benefit your career. Every day.

Good luck guys

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